How do I add a more than one business to the system


I have two resturants and a comic book shop that wants to test the system. How can i add them?

This is how far i got from looking at the enterprise version but when I go to create the account i get a 404


You simply add a new location within the dashboard. You do not need to create multiple dashboards.


@Simon if i do that how would they have their own accounts. That is what I thought the above command would do?


If there’s enough demand, we’ll add multi tenancy later this year.


Okay. I will have to accept that. I will follow but we are probably going to look for another solution. I looked at and the repos that go with it and though about just going with your whitelabel but we where planning on building intergrtions for the system.


Good luck with your endeavours


We have about 15 place with this installed right now.

Now we work with several open source projects. Are you guys going to accept pull request? My team doesnt mind doing work its just always a fear that we have. Are you guys planning on doing a white label of this platform or just the ct-network?

We have a contact with multi national campground. They have about 30 locations in France and the gdpr makes the difference. Also would you prefer this conversation to be private?


You’re welcome to issue a pull request, in fact we’d prefer you did.

Please make sure the request benefits the whole community though, not just yourselves. Obviously!

If you’re using the community edition, it’s already white-label :thinking: Are you talking about something else?

Please DM any private details about the deal if you have them, otherwise happy to continue here.


I was talking in regards to the multi-tenancy.


Multi-tenancy will be added to the community edition if we see the demand.

You’re welcome to try and incorporate this as a pull request but might be better to leave to us since it’ll be a brand-new feature.