Installing on EC2 - Installer Did Not Complete


Hi Simon
I’m trying to install MIMO community in AWS in a EC2 instance, I create a count in mailgun, I put all the information SMTP, I update the DNS domain in Route 53 AWS, I have open 443 and 80 ports.
but I have a error.

Writing configs to production.vars. Then we’ll start the magic
Added as primary domain
Added as dashboard url
Added as API url
Added as SMTP hostname
Added 2525 as SMTP port
Added as SMTP user
Added as admin user
Added as let’s encrypt user
Removing network mimo_default
WARNING: Network mimo_default not found.
Pulling redis … done
Pulling db … done
Pulling nginx … done
Pulling nginx-gen … done
Pulling api … done
Pulling dashboard … done
Pulling splash … done
Pulling worker … done
Creating network “mimo_default” with the default driver
Creating mimo_redis_1 … done
Creating mimo_db_1 … done
Creating mimo_worker_1 … done
Creating nginx … done
Creating mimo_api_1 … done
Creating nginx-docker-gen … done
Creating mimo_splash_1 … done
Creating mimo_dashboard_1 … done

Starting MIMO. Please wait while the installation completes…
If this is the first time you’ve installed MIMO, it may take a few minutes to generate your keys
[ERROR] MIMO installation did not complete successfully…

Run ./ for more information and try again.

Introducing the MIMO Community Edition - Installation on Digital Ocean

Thanks for giving the Beta release a try!

Update the installer:

git pull

Make sure you do this in /var/mimo (or whatever directory you’re using).

Then run the installer in the foreground with TEST enabled. Enabling test mode will ensure the let’s encrypt certs don’t continually get requested.


Post the output of the logs where possible (or see if you can see the error).

Note: The test certificates will throw an error when you load the dashboard. Remove the TEST flag and FOREGROUND flag and it should work (after the installer completes).


I actually just ran the installer and it failed for me too. We’ve fixed the problem - a build’s on its way.

Try running the installer again WITHOUT the flags - if it fails again. Let us know.


yes it worked now,

but I have a error when I add unifi AP

The AP show the SSID but when he tries to connect show this



Can you send the full URL that you’re redirected to please.

The one from the browser.


this is the URL


That’s the preview URL.

That’s not the URL you’re redirected to when you connect to the ap.

What do you get when you connect to the ap and visit a non-ssl site?


this is the URL if I go to non-ssl site.


Ah! I see the issue - you’re being redirected to our enterprise version.

We’ll update this today - I’ll let you know when it’s live.


If you run the installer again, it should pull the most recent version of MIMO.

Then, delete your UniFi integration and re-create.

This should add the correct splash redirect URL to your UniFi controller - I haven’t tested it our side though so your help is appreciated!

Alternatively, you can change some details manually in your controller.


I’m going to create it again from 0, delete all containers and images.


Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


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is working but it shows the following message when I try to open URL.


Can you send the full URL again please.



This is the URL that redirects me when I try to go to internet


We need all the other params - can you send over the whole url please.



When you’re connected to the UniFi - what happens?