Installing on EC2 - Installer Did Not Complete


When I connect to my UniFi’s SSID, it redirects me to and I get this error
also in the MIMO Devices this error.


There’s something awry with the UniFi controller config - we’ll try and replicate here and let you know.


Ok If you need more information about my co Unifi tell me.


HI some update in EC2


We are getting the same error as above with the URL when we go to preview


Did you ever figure out this issue? I have everything up and running (I think); but I am seeing the same ‘missing some params’ problem. Running UniFi Controller 5.8.28. Thanks!


@daniel I have not. What are you hosted on?


@Simon @daniel I setup a Digital Ocean server with the recommended specs. It almost acts like the code needs to be updated to work with the latest version of the UniFi API.


We will upgrade our controller version and re-test for you.


@CaptGreenbean Hi I setup in AWS let’s wait for the update


Any updates on this? Thanks…


Getting the same here “Params missing please see docs.” tried several different controller versions.


still no luck :frowning: